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Buildings are vital structures used by players to refine gathered materials, craft equipment and items, and improve item storage capacity.

All major cities contain pre-existing Buildings, but players may also construct Buildings in select locations if given permission. Personal Islands are the primary location to find player-made Buildings.

Buildings both pre-existing and player-made may be owned by players -- by default, a player-constructed Building will be owned by the player who set down its building plans. Players may also abandon ownership of a building, allowing anyone in the vicinity to claim it.

Island[edit | edit source]

Player Islands are a player's personal crop of land where buildings, farms, houses and pastures can be constructed. Ownership can be bought in any of the major cities in Albion, and can be further upgraded by a tier system. Each tier offers more land to build on than the previous tier.

Access[edit | edit source]

Islands are only accessible to the owner-player and those the player allows to visit. Islands cannot be contested for ownership - it belongs solely to the player.

Usage fee[edit | edit source]

The owner of a building may set an arbitrarily high usage fee, increasing the cost of any function of that building that requires Silver. This fee does not affect any use of the building that has no Silver cost, such as refining and crafting Tier 2 or lower items.

Maintenance[edit | edit source]

Construction[edit | edit source]

Players may construct Buildings on sandy spots the player has build permission on. This is most likely to be the player's personal Islands. Clicking on your character portrait in the top left hand corner brings up the building tool, after paying an initial Silver cost, a placeholder graphic will appear representing a Building under construction. The player must then provide crafting materials to the Building in order to complete it.

Feed[edit | edit source]

Certain buildings require Food to operate and will gradually run out over time. Once Food has expired, the building will begin to decay, and will disappear when decay completes.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

Owners may upgrade buildings to the next Tier. To find the upgrade tab, open the options gear on the top right of the building panel. This will always require four items:

  • Tier 1 wood and stone
  • Wood and stone of the tier the building will be after upgrading

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Refining Crafting Farming Houses Other

Buildings By Size[edit | edit source]

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