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Tier Weapon Damage Speed Abl power
3 24px Journeyman's Crossbow 105 0.8 186
4 24px Adept's Crossbow 129 0.8 229
5 24px Expert's Crossbow 159 0.8 282
24px Expert's Enchanted Crossbow 296 0.8 525
6 24px Master's Crossbow 195 0.8 347
24px Master's Enchanted Crossbow 364 0.8 647
7 24px Grandmaster's Crossbow 240 0.8 427
24px Grandmaster's Enchanted Crossbow 448 0.8 796
8 24px Elder's Crossbow 296 0.8 526
24px Elder's Enchanted Crossbow 551 0.8 980

Crossbow is a Weapon type in Albion Online and the first of the three weapons in the Crossbow family, the others being the Heavy Crossbow and the Repeating Crossbow.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The below stats are based on the Tier 5 24px Expert's Crossbow.

The Crossbow shares Q, W, and P abilities with the Heavy Crossbow and Repeating Crossbow.

Only one ability per key may be selected.

Key Ability
Q Auto Fire Deals 158 damage for 4 hits.
17 energy, channeled, 11m, 5s CD
W Knock Back Shot Deals 124 damage & knocks target back 6.45m.
22 energy, 1s, 11m, 10s CD
E Snipe Shot Deals 941 damage.
40 energy, 3s, 9m, 15s CD
P1 Bodkin Arrows Increase range of auto attacks by 20%.
P2 Attack Speed Chance 10% chance of increased attack speed.
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