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Nature Staff

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Nature Staff Tier Damage AttackSpeed AbilityPower
Beginner's Nature Staff N/A N/A N/A N/A
Novice's Nature Staff 2 57 1 151
Journeyman's Nature Staff 3 70 1 186
Adept's Nature Staff 4 86 1 229
Expert's Nature Staff 5 106 1 282
Master's Nature Staff 6 130 1 347
Grandmaster's Nature Staff 7 160 1 427
Elder's Nature Staff 8 197 1 526
Expert's Enchanted Nature Staff 5 197 1 525
Master's Enchanted Nature Staff 6 243 1 647
Grandmaster's Enchanted Nature Staff 7 298 1 796
Elder's Enchanted Nature Staff 8 367 1 980


  • You can only select 1 ability per slot
  • The Q,W, & P slots passdown to the weapons below, for example Broadsword's Q & W are shared with the claymore and the Glaive.
  • E abilities are unique and apply only to the weapon above. Example E: Iron Will, is only available to the Broadsword, not the claymore or Glaive.
  • Weapon data is based on Tier 5 stats

Weapon Name - Description [Energy Cost, Cast time, Range, Cooldown]

Q Q attack slot
W W attack slot
E E attack slot
P Passive

Nature Staff - 49 DPS (magic)

Q.1: Poison Thorns - Poisons target dealing 9 dmg/sec (stacks x3), [4 energy, 1.5s cast, 9m, 0s CD]
Q.2: Rejuvenation - Heals target for 14 HP/sec (stacks x2). [14 energy, instant, 11m, 3s CD]
W.1: Revitalize - Heals self and allies nearby for 134 HP and 17 HP/sec for 5s. [31 energy, 2s cast, 11m, 15s CD]
W.2: Clense Heal - Heals an ally for 16 HP while removing any negative effects. [18 energy, instant cast, 11m, 15s CD]
E: Circle of Life - Heals allies within 7m for 16 HP/sec for 10s. [59 energy, 1.5s cast, self, 30s CD]

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